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The Spirit Dogs Trilogy is composed of three tales about the Canine Hereafter and are full of mystery, love, philosophy, friendship, and humor.

Book I, Spirit Dogs: Heroes In Heaven, is a reassuring story about the human-canine bond beyond life—a visit to Dog Heaven where Sarah learns that even deceased dogs continue to send love to their humans.

Book II, Spirit Dogs: Life Between Lives, is both an adventure story and an exploration of the canine spiritual afterlife. Ivan, the hero in Heroes In Heaven, is put in charge of five new arrivals. He finds the task so challenging to his understanding of life's meaning that he begins a mystical journey through "the mountains" where he faces Evil, the meaning of canine existence, and the fragility of life. He comes away with the wisdom to guide the newly-deceased in understanding what it means to be a "whole dog."

Book III, Spirit Dogs: Heroes Return, finds five of the six dogs back on Earth where Ivan is haunted by the evil forces that he encountered in the mountains beyond Dog Heaven. He is once again filled with self-doubt as he struggles to become a FEMA I Search and Rescue dog of such magnitude that he might earn the top spot in Dog Heaven when he returns there. Readers will find themselves immersed in Ivan's intense training as well as the encounters that he and his best friends have with Garmr, who sabotages all of Ivan's efforts. The cast of characters from Life Between Lives returns with each dog inhabiting a new body but with each one's spirit intact.

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